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si ma va

Tanto sufrir para morirse uno
10.5 x 14.8 cm
‘Tanto sufrir para morirse uno’ is a postcard featuring a photo by Juan-José Higuera, photoshopped to include three interconnected artworks - a painting by Higuera inspired by one of si ma va’s first paintings which was heavily inspired by a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting. Notified of a new follower on social media, si ma va discovered Higuera’s work which bared an uncanny resemblance to si ma va’s early paintings and drawings, albeit with the scale and materials lost in translation from encountering them online. Embracing the aleatory nature of inspiration, si ma va created the postcard and sent it to an art center in Medellin, Colombia where Higuera was listed online to host a Situationist-inspired workshop.

Featured in ‘The Door in the Wall’ (11 - 28 November 2015) at Blindside, Melbourne (Naarm), curated by Lucie McIntosh & Verity Hayward.

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