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Bus Projects commissioned me to redesign the Artist Funded logo, a concept originally developed in 2004 by now Berlin-based artist Kate Albrecht Fulton.

Taking the form of an open source logo, the Artist Funded logo is intended to be represented in accompaniment with all artistic production, events and spaces; including Museums, Galleries (Commercial and Non-Commercial), Art Fairs and Cultural Spaces (both government and independent).

The logo is to be reproduced on invitations, catalogues, signage, websites and magazines, available as a downloadable file for individuals to use, redesign and adapt as required.

The purpose of the Artist Funded logo is to raise awareness of the significance of the lifelong financial and non-financial contributions that artists provide to all levels of the arts industry, its institutions and contemporary culture internationally. It acknowledges the fundamental importance and enormity of what artists’ contribute, by rightfully citing them within the same context and calibre as corporate and government sponsors whose logos proliferate contemporary arts events, signage and publications.

The icon I created was chosen for its potential versatility, adaptable to various configurations without compromising its identifable style. While it wasn’t necessarily deliberate, I also liked how its form inspired various connototations, such as a brushstroke, movement, a key, steps, a question-mark...

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